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Schotte sustainable.........
Over the last 10 years we , in collaboration with a major chemical concern in the south of the country, conducted the first test of blowing bottles made from recycled plastic (obtained from our daily waste). 
Even though we believe that the source of pollution lies in our generation's upbringing, we realise all too well that we too, as manufacturers, can contribute to improving our environment.
We therefore see this as our task and responsibility.
That is why we aim high and have now converted more than 30% of the basic raw material to recycled material within our companies. 
This is something we are proud of and we will continue on this course.
Extrusion blowing involves high energy consumption.
Unfortunately, we did not get permission for our own wind turbines on our industrial estate and we have diverted to a gigantic solar roof with almost 5,000 solar panels. Not enough to make us independent of the energy grid, but we are contributing quite a bit to a better environment by doing so.
We have invested heavily in heat recovery systems in our new premises and made sure we produce as sustainably as possible.
In 2023, we started so-called returnable packaging. Our trays, already made of more than 80% recycled cardboard, are taken back by us for reuse. Several pilots have proven that in cooperation with our relations, this is a nice, working concept.
Besides using more sustainable raw materials, our product development also focuses on weight reduction. A heavy bottle costs proportionally more energy to produce and in many cases can be reduced in weight...... This focus starts on the drawing board but will be maintained until regular production.
We are convinced that if consumers deal responsibly with sorting waste and also prevent litter, we have a right to exist as producers with sustainability in mind. 
This is why we have built a state-of-the-art factory not only for ourselves, but also for our customers.