Schotte is verhuisd naar Ens

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As a plastics processor, we are progressive when it comes to sustainability.
Our new production location is equipped with a maximum number of solar panels. We use the heat released during our production process to heat the production space and offices. We are virtually natural gas-free and continue to innovate internally to reuse released energy.
We select our suppliers based on, among other things, the pursuit of reduction of packaging materials and sustainability.
“Schotte shapes content”
We have carried this slogan for generations and it will not disappear.
We have only given the meaning of this even more strength by not only letting the design play the leading role, but also by creating the new designs together with our customer in such a way that less plastic can be used. This weight reduction process provides a win situation for our customer and thus contributes to a better environment.
We love plastic because we not only know how to make beautiful creations and solutions with it, but also because we know that it is easily recyclable.
As a pioneer from the very beginning, we use recycled material according to customer requirements. This material can be used up to 100%.
The residual materials that arise during our production are reused in the production process. Residual material that is no longer reusable for us is processed by third parties.